Category: testimonial

Kathleen A.

Their Story: When I first found Accelerated Recovery I had resigned myself to becoming wheelchair bound. My pain level was so high I didn’t much care. Dr Sparr and his staff were patient and kind, and through a regimen of different procedures helped me regain my life. Why they would recommend ARS: Oh yes. I…
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Michael S.

Their Story: I would have a difficult time recognizing just one of your staff. I truly feel that your practice is the best I have ever been treated at. From the front desk, the entire medical staff, to check out has been exceptional. Everyone is friendly, thoughtful, knowledgable and proficient. The practice has helped me…
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Steve C.

Their Story: In the fall of 2015 I was experiencing excruciating pain in my right shoulder with numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand. My general practitioner referred me to Dr. Sparr after I was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve of the C4, C5, C6). Dr. Sparr performed electromyography (EMG) of my…
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Mary S.

Their Story: I started seeing Dr. Sparr about a year after a fall that left me with several fractures and pain. I had a rod in my femur and one in my hip. I received injections that made this tolerable. After receiving a new hip, I still had some pain. With more injections, I am…
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Edward B.

Their Story: I have chronic back issues: causing continual pain. I have had 5 major surgeries on my back; in spite of these surgeries I have gotten no relief other than medication! Dr. Scheper has tried patches, various drugs and many alternative treatments. He has been very creative and sympathetic to my painful condition. I…
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Kimberlee L.

The whole staff at Accelerated is outstanding. The phone is always answered with a smile, then office staff is very helpful and very pleasant, experienced with not waiting. I think Dr. Leggett is a god. I was refered to him in November of 2015. He did everything in his power to help me. I came into his office with the most intense pain ever. He treated me like family. He is the first doctor that I have had that really listened to me and believed in me. Dr. Leggett referred me to a really good surgeon in Denver. I under went a major cervical spine surgery in February. The minute I woke up from surgery, I had no pain at all. I want to thank Dr. Leggett. He practices with his heart.

Eric K.

Two years ago, I had issues with my neck, I could hardly turn my head to the right and could not turn my head to the left at all. I was in constant and extreme pain. I was taking RX muscle relaxers and RX pain medications, lots of them. Dr. Scheper did several injections into my c-spine and recommended several stretching exercises. At present time, I have full range of motion in my neck with minimal pain on the left side. Overall, I have improved about 90% from where I was two years ago.