Eric K.

Their Story:

Two years ago, I had issues with my neck, I could hardly turn my head to the right and could not turn my head to the left at all. I was in constant and extreme pain. I was taking RX muscle relaxers and RX pain medications, lots of them. Dr. Scheper did several injections into my c-spine and recommended several stretching exercises. At present time, I have full range of motion in my neck with minimal pain on the left side. Overall, I have improved about 90% from where I was two years ago.

Why they would recommend ARS:

Yes. Accelerated Recovery gave me my life back. I enjoy doing things that I was not able to do while in pain.

What they believe sets ARS apart from the others:

Courtesy, Professionalism from front desk all the way til the end. When I come to the office, I feel that the staff cares about my issue.